Meet The Team


Ajit Maan, Ph.D.

Founder & CEO

Ajit Maan, Ph.D. is a security and defense policy analyst and a specialist in narrative strategies in radicalization processes. She is Professor of Practice at the Center for the Future of War and Member of the Brain Trust of the Weaponized Narrative Initiative at Arizona State University, as well as Affiliate Faculty at George Mason University's Center for Narrative Conflict Resolution.


Howard Gambrill Clark, Ph.D. 


Howard Gambrill Clark, Ph.D. has specialized in influence strategies and psychological warfare for over 22 years. He is now the president of Narrative Strategies, where he teaches and researches the fields of strategic influence, psychological warfare, counterterrorism, and countering violent extremism. 

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Christopher Holshek

Civil-Military Director

International peace and security consultant, Civil-Military Director at Narrative Strategies, Civil-Military Advisor for the Alliance for Peacebuilding, and U.S. Global Leadership Coalition “Veteran for Smart Power.”

The Narrative Strategies Advisory Board

Scott Mann
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J. Edward Fox

Senior Associate Fellow

The Honorable J. Edward Fox is the president of Fox & Associates, a public policy and government affairs consulting firm in Washington, DC. Prior to the firm's founding in 2009, Fox had served for over 30 years in a variety of senior United States Government positions in the national security, foreign policy, and development policy areas in both the Executive and Legislative Branches of the US government.


Thomas A. Drohan. Ph.D.

Senior Associate Fellow

Dr. Thomas A. Drohan, Ph.D. is a senior leader and advisor with unrivaled cultural and analytical skills, strategic focus, and commitment to excellence. He seeks to understand complex operations and related national security threats, opportunities and challenges and collaboratively tailors alternative strategies for different contexts. Dr. Drohan is Director of International ISR Education and Training at JMark Services in Colorado Springs.


Kevin Ofchus

Associate Fellow

Kevin Ofchus is a former Supervisory Special Agent in the Department of Justice with the DEA, Department of Defense Subject Matter Expert (SME) and founder of Host Nation Perspectives SouthWest Asia. Over the last decade his projects covered a comprehensive range of subject matter to include counter insurgency, post conflict stabilization, and counter-violent extremism efforts within the host nation government(s) via the United States Department of Justice, Defense and State, USAID, and the Intelligence Community.

Dr Patrick Christian