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Who We Are

We are former Special Operations, high-level political advisors, intelligence professionals, and internationally recognized narrative and identity scholars, working together to deliver practical actionable, strategic, and intrepid support to our clients.


Narrative Strategies, LLC is the only think-and-do tank currently postured to deliver both Operationalized Narrative services and training at the most elite level.

Our combination of Subject Matter Experts is unparalleled.                    

Narrative Strategies’ founder literally wrote the book on Narrative Warfare and on the forms and functions of Strategic Narrative to Counter Terrorism.


What We Do
  • We operationalize influence

    • Declared war against uniformed armies has been rare in human history.

    • Most human conflict has been in the grey zones—strategic influence is the primary tool.

  • We offer unique expertise that is the foundational missing link in campaigns focused on countering terrorism, undermining terrorist recruitment, managing crises, defeating dark networks, and stabilizing civilian populations.

  • We also provide training and advisory services to governments, private sector clients, and educational institutions. 


Why You Need Us
  • We have in-depth understandings of narrative not just as a means of communication and not just as messaging. The narratives we live by embody our identities as individuals, tribes, and nations.

  • We understand how narratives negotiate human meaning at the most profound levels.

  • We have used narrative influence to collapse adversary strengths before the inception of conflict.

  • We have demonstrated a winning narrative is more powerful than any billion dollar weapons systems and has the potential for enduring effect.

  • Kinetics may win battles; narratives win wars.

  • No leadership, organization, or communications strategy can deliver influence without an effective narrative strategy. Narrative Strategies, LLC is at the cutting edge of delivering such strategies that help people and organizations stay on top and ahead of the power curve: we change the way power works.



Partner Organizations

Pathfinder is a  network of subject matter experts and a uniquely scalable think tank-consultancy hybrid that specialises in complex multifactorial problem solving, capability building, digital transformation, and cybersecurity. Focused on developing resistance to uncertainty and instability through collaboration, Pathbreaker co-develops innovative, sustainable, resilient, competitive, and affordable solutions of unparalleled quality via a crucible of constant refinement and improvement.

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Ajit Maan, Founder & CEO
“We re-create ourselves with the stories we tell. Events happen but we determine the event's status in our in lives through our narratives.”  
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