August 4, 2017

Read the review by John Winslade, Professor at California State University San Bernardino below or at George Mason University's Narrative and Conflict journal here:

July 5, 2017

What do Stories do?

I have spent an extended amount of time in Central Africa working on psychosocial reintegration programs for former child soldiers where I witnessed the multiple benefits of using narratives to improve their reintegration back into society. Working w...

September 23, 2016

“Understanding and harnessing the persuasive powers of narratives is central to US and international counter-terrorism efforts. There is an urgent need to understand the narrative tactics of terrorist recruitment and equal if not greater need to destabilize the weaknes...

July 11, 2016

At the core of any good Communications Strategy is a narrative strategy (NS) that not only explains what we are doing but does so in a manner that tailored to all of the target audiences (TAs) involved, be it for home, partner/coalition audiences or any of the regional...

June 26, 2016

If we use human violent traumatic medical conditions as an allegory to violent traumatic social conditions, I propose that we can illustrate the relationship of extremist ideologies and violent extremism by examining the relationship between the human body’s immune sys...

June 14, 2016

Originally from CNSNews

By Barbara Hollingsworth | June 14, 2016 | 1:19 PM EDT

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) “has a very, very clear strategy” for what they want to achieve, but “we do not,” says Lt. Col. Scott Mann (Ret.), a 23-year Army veteran and fo...

February 12, 2016

A country’s approach to warfare is an extension of its social and cultural norms and values as much as it is policy by other means. Challenged by geography and steeped in a Puritan ethic of mate­rial fortune as a sign of providential approval, Americans have leaned hea...

February 4, 2016

After more than 10 years combatting Salafist-Jihadist groups in various forms, a broad consensus has developed among practitioners and pundits in Washington: We can’t shoot our way out of this problem. We can only win if we manage to effectively undermine their well-cr...

February 3, 2016

“Those who tell stories, rule the world.”


Kundi Province, Winter 2010
“We need help.”

This was the call that came from the besieged villagers of Tamazan Village. Within the last 48 hours they had pushed out Taliban insurgents from their village in the south...

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