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MISSION: We foster enduring stability through networks and narratives.


WHO WE ARE: Narrative Strategies comprises the world’s top experts in stabilization, resilience, societal capacity, and holistic methods to counter civil discord, terrorism, extremism, and criminality. We comprise former Special Forces, former Special Operators, former Marines, former intelligence officers, former law enforcement and the world’s top scholar-practitioners on networks and narratives.


Our team includes the architect of Village Stability Operations and Special Operations Academic Week (the required training for special operators to conduct community policing abroad) and nationally law enforcement experts in community policing, de-escalation and violence reduction.   


We have advised tens of thousands of government, military, law enforcement, and non-government operators and analysts in the world’s most complex and dangerous environments.


THE NEXT STOP: For almost twenty years, our troops, diplomats, development officers, and law enforcement officials have operated globally at an unprecedented rate.  The lessons learned provide invaluable insights that can and should be applied to the U.S. Homeland legally, ethically, and with full transparency.  The lessons focus on peaceful holistic solutions—nonviolent prevention and resilience.


Concepts learned from Latin America, Western Africa, North Africa, the Sahel, East Africa, Middle East (to include Iraq and Syria), Southwest Asia (to include Afghanistan and Pakistan), Southeast Asia (to include the Philippines), and Eastern Europe can be applicable, through an American lens appropriate to our values, to communities in the U.S. Homeland.


Our goal is to bring the lessons learned from decades of stability and peacekeeping operations experience to assist your community with hands-on interactive instruction that will further empower law enforcement organizations to 1) strengthen community cohesion and resilience, 2) build trust between police departments and the communities they serve, 3) prevent and resolve civil unrest, and 4) lower violent crime.  The approach is nonviolent and includes creating a mindset to improve the capacity of local communities to BUILD TRUST AND COLLABORATION, PREVENT CRIME, AND RESOLVE CIVIL DISCORD.  We believe this is an important investment with strategic value in a time of tremendous uncertainty and conflict.


Lessons learned and shared include (all practical and immediately actionable):


  • Narrative Creation and Implementation

  • Community Narrative Analysis

  • Informal Community Social Dynamics 

  • Mitigating Sources of Instability

  • Conflict Mitigation Methodologies

  • Stability Working Groups Best Practices (Whole of Government and Whole of Community)—Prioritizing Programming Across Lines of Operation

  • Identifying and Leveraging Resiliency

  • Stabilization & Counter-Radicalization/Mobilization Strategies

  • Violent Extremism, and Other Threat Composition, Disposition, Strength, and Vulnerability Assessment

  • Implementing Zero/Low Cost Activities





We have a number of training and support options—ranging from two-hour online seminars to one-month intensive training (live, online during COVID) using real-world real-time information so that while you train you are building immediately actionable and practical assessments and plans. Please email for package and pricing options.

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