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Kevin Ofchus
Associate Fellow

Kevin Ofchus is a former Supervisory Special Agent in the Department of Justice with the DEA, Department of Defense Subject Matter Expert (SME) and founder of Host Nation Perspectives SouthWest Asia. From 2006-2009 he focused on countering the Afghan insurgency and violent extremism via intelligence and counter-intelligence, threat finance (OFAC), counter-terrorism (JPEL), rule of law initiatives, capacity building stabilization and forward deployed field operations. This included spearheading from cradle to grave the unprecedented wartime intelligence asset Codenamed MYSTIC (later exposed by Edward Snowden and WikiLeaks in 2014).


After leaving the Government he worked as a SME on policy supporting the Department of Defense under ASD SOLIC for the Counter Narco-Terrorism Program Office within the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Global Threats and Counter Narcotics (DASD GT/CN) before founding his company HNPSWA later in 2009. In the private sector, he continued supporting a variety of projects from the West African Sahel to Afghanistan. Over the last decade his projects covered a comprehensive range of subject matter to include counter insurgency, post conflict stabilization, and counter-violent extremism efforts within the host nation government(s) via the United States Department of Justice, Defense and State, USAID, and the Intelligence Community.


His background covers field operations, intelligence, post conflict soft power stabilization, counter-insurgency/counter violent extremism (COIN/CVE), corporate social responsibility, rule of law initiatives, Minister(s) and Foreign Cabinet level official coordination, and corporate executive liaison. He enjoys reading and writing about foreign policy matters, and has spoken on foreign policy issues in media interviews (Circa/Fox news), as well as panels at the National Defense University and in Niamey, Niger regarding COIN/CVE and related topics. After over a decade forward deployed, he recently completed a manuscript pending publication, Delegation of Blame: 21st Century Foreign Policy-Trickle Down Stabilization and The Great Untold Intelligence Story of our Longest War. A native of Washington D.C., Ofchus holds a double major degree in English and Philosophy from Randolph Macon College.

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