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Judy Philipson, Ph.D.
Senior Associate Fellow 

Judy Philipson, Ph.D. is a senior behavioral scientist and intelligence analyst specializing in threat detection, risk assessment, social communications, influence operations, and research methodology. She applies psychological theories and principles of behavior, cognition, social influence, and linguistics to detect, prevent, mitigate, and counter criminal, terrorist, and insider threats in cyber and real-world environments. 

Dr. Philipson has provided over 15 years of support to the Intelligence Community, Law Enforcement, Department of Defense, and Homeland Security on a broad range of operational, investigative, research and training activities. She conducts psychological profiles and develops innovative methods for detecting at risk, lone-actor criminals using observable online data sources. She also consults on topics relating to deception in foreign cultures, indoctrination processes, extremism, information elicitation, and tactical influence strategies for hostages in captivity.

She has a Ph.D. in clinical psychology from Drexel University where she focused on forensic populations and issues relating to deception and risk assessment.

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